hey! im skylar, and I love youtube, photography, glee, food, and joey graceffa!
  • Wow! Rumour mill in over drive. Cat stands next to someone & she’s dating them? First Dan, now Joey. Same every year, every event. Bloody hell. If it’s not dating rumours she’s getting attacked for even knowing them. Just get over it, Cat’s awesome stop with the jealousy. It’s not a good look on anyone.

This guy, right here. Joey Graceffa. He is the reason I wake up with a smile on my face everyday. He’s the reason I know to stay positive through the bad times. He’s the reason I laugh. I look forward to his videos every single day because his smile just lights up my world. This guy, right here, is my world.
"It’s easy to go downhill, to be depressed, but it’s not easy to go up a hill and become happy."

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y’know when you’re writing

and you realize that you’ve been writing

in past tense and present tense

and you want to rip your hair out

so you have to go through everything

and make sure they’re all in the same tense

yeah i hate that

pretty intense

i swear to fucking god i will rip your throat out 

no need to be so tense


The tension is rising

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